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Orion Timberlands

Orion Timberlands

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About Orion Timberlands

About Us

Orion is dedicated to providing landowner's with state-of-the-art sustainable forest management, providing a wide array of the highest quality forestry services to its clients. Orion focuses on ensuring that the landowner's ownership and management objectives are clearly defined, achievable and fully implemented.

Our History

Orion Timberlands, LLC is a full-service forest management established January 1, 2005, as a wholly owned subsidiary of Seven Islands Land Company, a nationally recognized leader in sustainable forest management practice. Seven Islands was created in 1965 to manage 845,000 acres that has been owned by the Pingree family since 1840. As a subsidiary of Seven Islands Land Company, Orion provides forest management services to non-Pingree owners. Orion is dedicated to providing landowner's with state-of-the-art sustainable forest management company.

Orion employees stand in front of wood pile

Our Mission

Orion's mission is to build a forest management company recognized for its can-do, positive attitude, high level of professionalism and capacity to assist the landowner in identifying and realizing their ownership objectives through the use of innovative, cost-effective and sustainable management practices.

Our Vision

Orion Timberlands, LLC will be recognized as a forest management company that successfully balances the financial demands of ownership with the practice of sustainable forestry while demonstrating the highest levels of integrity, credibility and innovative practice.

Our Team

Orion employees
  • John McNulty, President
  • Jason Castonguay, Forest Manager
  • Mandy Farrar, Management Forester
  • Kyle Burdick, Operations Forester
  • Adam Nicak, Operations Forester
  • Jason Desjardin, Operations Forester
  • Marshall White, Operations Forester
  • Randy Corriveau, Operations Forester
  • Chad Cote, Planning Forester
  • Robert Sawyer, Operations Forester
  • Brien Boucher, Operations Forester
  • Tony Collin, Operations Forester
  • Susan Cameron, Business Manager
  • Linda Arnold, Accounting
  • Shelli Condon, Administrative Assistant

PO BOX 1267 | Bangor, ME 04401 | 207-990-0871

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