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Welcome to Orion Timberlands

Orion Timberlands, LLC is a full-service forest and timberland management services company based in Bangor, Maine. Orion is dedicated to providing clients with state-of-the-art sustainable forest management service. Our focus is directed toward ensuring that the landowner's ownership and management objectives are clearly defined, realistic in scope, achievable and capable of full implementation. Orion has the staff and the resources to respond to a variety of clients needs and is capable of tackling the most difficult and demanding projects. The Orion team will get the job done.

Excellence in Practice

Excellence in Practice is our motto. It typifies Orion's approach to providing the highest quality service possible. At Orion, its not simply a matter of getting the job done, its about quality and the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of our relationship with the client and the results we seek. Orion's staff approaches every project with this focus on quality-- integrating quality with cost-effective implementation.

Orion's management system emphasizes the role of the client. Our expertise and niche is in the development of a management program designed specifically to the client's particular desires, interests and needs. Excellence in practice represents our philosophy of management; a philosophy dedicated to achieving the overall objectives of sustainable management for the client through the integration of the landowner's economic goals with the ecological objectives and social responsibilities associated with timberland ownership and management.

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The E3 Philosophy describes how Orion's management philosophy and planning process can be tailored specifically to each client's needs. Our management philosophy and client service can be distilled into three principal elements: Effectiveness, Efficiency and the Environment. Taken individually, each of these elements is an essential component of a successful philosophy; however, at Orion we believe that only through the full integration of all three elements can we achieve client satisfaction in today's competitive business environment. Orion's staff will work to ensure these three critical elements of management are fully integrated into a service package that will result in your success and satisfaction.

  • Effective: Orion's management is designed to achieve results. The effectiveness of that management is tied directly to achievement of the landowner's goals and objectives. Orion's staff will work with each client to ensure the desired results are achievable, desirable and realistic.
  • Efficient: At Orion we recognize that effectiveness is not enough. An effective management philosophy must also be efficient in its execution, resulting in lower costs and increased returns for the client. At Orion, we strive to keep costs in check while ensuring that management actions achieve the desired result.
  • Environment: Protecting the environment when executing management activities is a critical element of management. Orion integrates state-of-the-art forest management practices and harvesting methods into a management philosophy that will ensure the underlying environmental elements of water, wildlife and soils are not adversely impacted by management actions. Active forest management inevitably results in site disturbance. Orion incorporates protective measures and policies designed to minimize or eliminate to the extent possible adverse environmental impacts.

A satisfied client is the result of Orion's E3 Philosophy. From start to finish Orion works with the client to ensure the integration of the three E's into a philosophy that "fits" each client's desires, interests and needs.

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