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Harvest Operations

Orion Timberlands, LLC requires that significant care and diligence be expended in finding the right harvesting contractors; capable of conducting a top quality, professional operation with well established track records. Every aspect of their operation must be consistent with the expectations of the owners. Only logging contractors that meet a minimum set of requirements will be permitted to operate on our clients lands.

To accomplish the expectations and objectives of this plan and to create the desired future forest condition, guidelines are established to provide a consistency of expectations for all harvest operations and silvicultural activities:

  • Match Equipment to Site Conditions - certain types of harvesting equipment are best suited to particular stand conditions. Cut-to-Length (CTL) harvesting and forwarding systems are designed for use in softwood-dominated stands. Feller bunchers/grapple/delimber systems are more productive than CTL; are best suited for use in hardwood-dominated stands, and in situations where the overstory is being removed and protecting advanced regeneration is important. Cable skidders are extremely versatile and can accomplish excellent silviculture with the right logger.
  • Match Equipment Mix to Harvest Plan - the harvest schedule will identify the mix of stand conditions and the expected mix of products that will be produced over the five year harvest planning cycle. The manager can use this information to identify and select the most suitable harvest method to accomplish the plan. Logging truck
  • Operational Layout and Design - these guidelines derive from a well-designed, long-term harvest plan based on good resource information. Knowledge of terrain, soils, environmental restrictions, permit requirements and stand conditions prior to moving equipment to the site will ensure the operation is laid out in an efficient manner, resulting in the least adverse environmental impact possible.
  • Operational Timing - matching equipment and planning operations that are suitable to site capabilities for handling heavy equipment is an important aspect of operational planning to minimize adverse site impacts and improve operational efficiencies. Areas of fair to poor drainage are planned for winter harvest only.
  • Operating Guidelines - guidelines for the execution of the harvest are especially important because they establish a standard level of performance and expectation for all contractors and for all operations.

From the harvesting and transportation of timber, to site preparation, planting, and herbicide release, to road and bridge building, our team of professionals will get the job done cost effectively meeting the landowner's long-term goals and objectives.

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